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Soy beans are rich in proteins and energy. Raw beans contains some antinutricional factors that depress productivity, mainly the mono gastric. Such antinutricional factors are deactivated with heat by denaturation. Moisture at 9%. Deactivated soybeans are commercialized in bulk.


It is a sub-product made from compressed, extruded soy. Their pellets are rich in proteins over 44-46% more than the dry substance. It is used for feeding laying hens, pigs, milky cows, fattening calves and steers. Moisture 10% max. Soya expeller is commercialized in bulk.


It is rich in proteins and fibers, vitamins and minerals. It has less cholesterol and it is gluten-free. it is mainly used in pastry-making and baking. It is also used as a spice for sauce. Moisture 10% max. Soybean flour is commercialized in bulk.


(for human consumption) Refined and deodorized soybean oil under control hygienic conditions. Clear, clean and bright in appearance. Free from unknown or rank taste or smell. It is bottled according to regulations.


(for human consumption) Sunflower oil 100% refined, winterized and deodorized under control hygienic conditions, made from different variety of good quality seeds. It is clear, clean and bright in appearance. Smooth taste and free from unknown or rank taste or smell. It is bottled according to regulations.

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